Team Serendipity is a moderated team.  Below are our team requirements.  They can also be found on our team's page.

Membership requirements:
  1. Your shop must be treasury friendly with at least 2 full pages of items.
  2. Commit to making 8 team treasuries per month with the tag “tserendipity” and post a link to the treasury in the monthly discussion thread for team treasuries. A team treasury will include 6 team members in the first three rows of your treasury. Additional team treasuries per month are certainly appreciated.
  3. Your treasuries must be aesthetically appealing to the eye with a good balance of items, a mix of shops, and made to support current Etsy merchandising trends. Do not include your own items in your treasuries and spread out team treasuries throughout the month.
  4. As a team member you are willing to be active on the team and support fellow team members by viewing, commenting, clicking, sharing and admiring their beautiful treasuries. Team Serendipity supports and encourages team members to be active in other teams.
  5. You must abide by Etsy’s TOU and Do’s and Dont’s at all times. Please no BNR/BNS’s.

Team goals:
★ Make beautiful treasuries.
★ Help promote the team members on our team and other lesser known shops as well when creating treasuries.
★ Have a positive and collaborative attitude.
★ Make the best of the time we spend on Etsy and have fun.

Team Serendipity reserves the right to revoke a membership at any time.