A serendipitous shopping guide: 'Black' Friday

Taking the "Black" out of "Black Friday" quite literally here is a collection of items in tones of beautiful and bold black.  Whether for the holidays or for the new year, black never goes out of style.
  1. Organic Maxi Dress in Black by FineThreadz $115
  2. Black Wool Felted Scarf by Baymut $49
  3. Vintage Cast Iron by jacquierae $18
  4. Rock on Ice Snow Fine Art Photography by AldariArt $25
  5. Pleated Wristlet with Charcoal Waves by handjstarcreations $17
  6. Black Modern Tree Pillow Cover by ClassicByNature $28
  7. Mystic Black Spinel Necklace by karinagracejewelry $52
  8. Black Leather Mod Boots by gogovintage $32
  9. Chrysanthemum Ring by FruitionJewelry $82



Karen said...

Fabulous 'black' Friday gift guide! ;)

Jye said...

Really beautiful !!
Congrats for the new blog, it rocks !

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