Traditions: Sharon of FineThreadz

Sharon of FineThreadz clothing designs every day living clothes using casual eco-friendly fabrics (knits, linens and silks). Her designs are not overly stylized and are made to enhance the wearer. She's been sewing and creating clothes since she can remember and above all her clothing is made to be worn again and again. See her designs here: and take a peek into some traditions that Sharon celebrates by reading on. You'll also see a tasty cocktail recipe that she has shared, perfect for the holiday season's soirées.

1. What are some traditions that you celebrate?
Thanksgiving has always been very special to me....until last year when I lost my aunt a couple of months before. Here was a person who had been there for every single day of my life and suddenly she was gone. She died at 74 years of age. We traditionally got together every Thanksgiving and she would cook the dressing while I pretended I didn't know how. So she'd come over to the house, make my dressing, we'd hang out and drink cocktails. Needless to say, after she died, I didn't want anything to do with that holiday. I was so devastated all I could do was cry and pretend it wasn't Nov 24th and where the hell is my aunt. She'd been at my house doing dressing for past 27 years. I was so angry.

This year I didn't ignore Thanksgiving. Time really does heal wounds. Now the loss of my aunt is a sore ache and bittersweet smile. I still rage on occasion.

2. Where did these traditions originate?
She always spent Christmas with my sister and her family. Thanksgiving was ours.

3. Are there any traditions you wished you celebrated and why?
Now part of my Thanksgiving ritual is to walk around my kitchen cooking and pretending to hear my aunt chastise me for not doing the dressing right. Crazy, yes? But that's what she would do if she were here. Oh and also have a cocktail.

4. Do you follow any traditions when it comes to your artistic work?
Not traditions so much as rituals. I'm very meticulous about sewing my seams back all in one direction, toward the back. People who don't sew probably think sewing is about putting a bunch of pieces together and making something. It is that....and so much more. It's problem solving at it's finest. There's a lot of trial and error in designing. What a person sees visually looks nothing like a pattern piece when it's being drawn. The designer's mind has to figure out how to make reality that which is a finished garment before the first cut is even made.

5. With the holidays upon us there are lots of opportunities for traditions in the kitchen, do you have a recipe you would like to share?
I can't give you my aunts dressing recipe because I'm still pretending not to know it. So here's the recipe for her favorite cocktail.

Arvis' Pink Panties
1/2 cup Malibu Coconut Rum
1 cup Smirnoff's Vodka
4 oz Whipped Cream
2 tbsp frozen pink lemonade concentrate
15 ice cubes

Mix all this together in a blender. Pour in a shallow glass like a martini glass because most people like to lick the glass clean. Seriously. :-)


Steampunk Funk said...

Oh my gosh that drink looks awesome! I'm for sure making that! Loved learning a little bit about you Sharon, that was a great post.

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